April is National Canine Fitness Month and Duluth.com has partnered with Passion Fur Pets Grooming, Dougherty Veterinary Clinics, and Megan Wedel, founder of Nemo Paws, to help her pudgy pit bull get back in shape.

Sasha’s initial weight on April 3rd was 74.7 lbs. Sasha’s vet, Dr. Kelly Powell, recommends a gradual weight loss of 3-4 lbs. this month, with an eventual goal weight of 65 lbs.

Shortly after her visit at Dougherty, Sasha made a trip to Passion Fur Pets for a nail trim and a brand new dog food. Owner Nichole Jopke recommends Sasha switch from Ol’ Roy dog food to Fromm’s, which boasts ingredients like chicken, brown rice, eggs and cheese.

If you’re curious about the nutritional value of your dog food, Jopke recommends visiting dogfoodadvisor.com.